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After moving back to Augusta from Jacksonville, Fl., and with a little push by faith,friends and family, I made a decision to follow my heart and decided to do what I love best...Take care of our furry/feathered/and not so furry friends. The driving force inside me has always been my love and compassion for animals. Since I was a child, as far back as I can remember, it has been about them. While living in Florida I had volunteered in St. Augustine at St.Johns Wildlife Association where I gained much needed knowledge and interaction to handle some of the animals taken in. It was quite a heart swelling experience. Throughout my life I have loved and lost many of my furry babies but each one taught me more than any one person, place or thing could ever have. I am amazed everyday and feel we could all learn alot from them.

I find that surrounding yourself with animals and fellow animal lovers can not only bring love and joy in personal areas, but many positives in other forms.

So with that said, and at the risk of rambling on.......

The Barkin Meow was born.

I cannot stress enough that you and your pets security and the security of your property are of the utmost importance in my business and I assure you, you can go to work, on vacation or whatever the case may be, and you can place your trust in me.

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